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Welcome to the YLTSIG Blog! Each month we will be featuring a different guest blogger to share their ideas, experiences and reflections on an aspect of YLT from a range of children’s and teenagers’ English language learning contexts around the world.

IATEFL Liverpool YLTSIG PCE: Building bridges and finding common ground in TEYLs, Susan Holden

PCE memories – what remains? In many ways, a Pre-Conference Event (PCE) acts as a bridge between its participants’ ‘outside’ lives and what they are about to experience in the coming conference. In the days...


IATEFL YLTSIG – How and Why You Should Get Involved

What does membership of IATEFL and YLTSIG mean to you? You get the newsletter and the TEYLT Worldwide magazine, you attend the webinars and the annual web conference, you follow our social media channels and...


Through others we become ourselves: guiding mediation in secondary ELT

Dirk Lagerwaard Picture this scene: thirty teenagers, no coursebook and equipped only with a board marker… “Just make sure they all end up speaking in English” said the head teacher of the school where I...


Making a drama out of a crisis

Nick Bilbrough There can be very few informed people around the world who would deny that as a planet we are in crisis right now, and that there are many places in our world which...


Chilean Primary Learning Experiences – The Power of Storytelling

Maria-Jesus Inostroza For Chilean primary children, English is a language from lands far, far away. In this blog post, I will explore the benefits of storytelling to enable children to interact in English through meaningful...


Going up! Reflecting on rising levels in upper secondary

David Spencer One thing that makes us happy as teachers is to see our students making progress. But progress can often be one of the hardest things to spot (some practical tips on this at...