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Welcome to the YLTSIG Blog! Each month we will be featuring a different guest blogger to share their ideas, experiences and reflections on an aspect of YLT from a range of children’s and teenagers’ English language learning contexts around the world.

Bringing diversity into the secondary English classroom, Ilá Coimbra and James Taylor

A learning environment inclusive of diverse teenage student identities, benefits everyone in the secondary English classroom. Research has shown that a lack of representation and social categorization is linked to bullying amongst teenagers, since students...


Primary and secondary English teacher education in Brazil – Gabriel Ribeiro, Guilherme Pacheco, Leticia Moraes, Renata Borges

In Brazil, there are 2.5 million teachers who teach 50 million students in 200,000 schools. This demonstrates the magnitude of the educational system. Therefore, we are not claiming that everything in this blog post reflects...


Using picturebooks in primary English language teaching – Gail Ellis, Tatia Gruenbaum, Sandie Mourão, Anneta Sadowska

Every year thousands of high-quality children’s picturebooks are published in English.  They offer a rich, but often under-used, flexible and motivating resource for primary English language teaching (PELT). The fusion of the best in trade...