Welcome to our 2024 webconference: we hope you will join us to start the year on a positive note with our inclusive theme, Each Child, Every Child, and the Whole Child.

IATEFL YLTSIG believes the child should be at the heart of the classroom, and that when we teach children, we teach far more than just English, and so in this year’s conference we are presenting a series of plenaries and talks that showcase different ways we as teachers can put this ideal into practice. We will look at aspects of social-emotional learning, special educational needs, the use of music to unite a class, different methodologies, the impact of neuroscience, and much much more.

To go along with these free, open-access talks, there will also be a selection of short ‘Inspire’ presentations on interesting and varied topics, some fun interactive events, and also three fascinating 6-hour minicourses (available at a reduced price to SIG or IATEFL members). Discover more about them below!

The IATEFL YLTSIG committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank our two event sponsors, Glossobooks and ELTConsultants, for their generosity in helping us make this event possible. Please consider checking out their websites at the links below.


Friday 19 January

Maria Davou
Unlocking Potential: Exploring Play-Based Learning for Young Learners

Saturday 20 January

André Hedlund
The Power of Self-Regulation: A lesson from Captain Marvel

Sunday 21 January

Harry Waters

Nicky Francis & Candace Donovan
Understanding and Embracing Uniqueness: Nurturing Mental Well-Being in Education

Darío Luis Banegas
Making English language learning socially just: Topics, materials, and activities

Anju Moses & Dinesha Senaratne
Empowering Education: Nurturing Hope and Equity in Underserved Communities

Michael Lacey Freeman
Extending the Walls of the Classroom – Across the Sky

6-hour Mini Courses

Nurturing young minds through creative storytelling
Manuela Kelly Calzini & Simona Stambazzi

The Joy of Reading!


Gen A: who they are and how they can change the classroom


Friday 19 January

Gerhard Erasmus
Reaching refugee children – What can you do?

Anna Hasper
Growing our social emotional competences- the key to classroom management

Blessing Epum
Child Development and Language Teaching: how much should we know?

Eleni Dougekou
The magic of Active Storytelling and Drama

Saturday 20 January

Catherine Stevenson
Museum of Emotions: exploring identity using CLIL and virtual collections

Anna Bejshovcova
Dyslexia and EAL: support that works for ALL

Simon Pearlman
3 Lessons in Inclusivity for ELT

Emily Bryson
Doodles for all: practical activities to boost creativity, communication and collaboration!

Sunday 21 January

Carol Read
Towards self-regulation and autonomy in the early years

Charles Goodger
Teaching through music and mime, rhythm and rhyme

Maria Theologidou
Promoting kindness and empathy in the Upper Secondary exam classroom

Cecilia Cabrera Martirena
Successful inclusion of gifted children in our regular classes

Inspire Sessions


Peter J Fullagar


Anne Margaret

Jo Sayers

Keisha Ehigie

Special Sessions

Opening Ceremony
introduced by Sandie Mourão

Panel Discussion
‘Inclusion: whose job is it anyway?’

‘Mobile Phones in every classroom?’

Closing Ceremony
introduced by Alex Popovski

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Kati Bilsborough

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