IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers SIG is one of the 16 International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) special interest groups and is an integral part of IATEFL’s worldwide network of English language teaching professionals.

“I gave a talk in the IATEFL YLTSIG annual web conference. The SIG committee members were very supportive and efficient and it was one of the most inspiring professional development events I’ve ever taken part in!”

Mari Nakamura
Owner of Kanazawa School, Japan


As you can see from the History of YLTSIG, the SIG has developed over the past 35 years to concretely redress the general ‘adult default’ focus in English language teaching.

Our position is that children and teenagers learning English have varied sets of rights, needs and important age-related differences which need to be carefully considered and prioritised in English language teaching.


YLTSIG Mission

We aim to lead, drive change and set standards in teaching English to children and teenagers (3 – 17 year olds) worldwide. This comprises best classroom practices, quality YL ELT teacher education and age-sensitive assessment.

We provide YLTSIG members with practical advice on age-appropriate pedagogies, TEYL qualifications, resources and professional development as well as raise awareness of how to safeguard children and teenagers learning English.

YLTSIG Members

YLTSIG members include classroom practitioners, teacher educators, educational consultants, researchers, academic managers and materials writers – all over the world.

Our members work in many diverse global contexts including mainstream English education and the out-of-school ELT sector. To provide a common terminology for clarity, consistency and knowledge sharing, YLTSIG uses the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) framework in our publications, blog posts, social media channels and events.

 “IATEFL YLTSIG promotes debate about teaching specific age groups, taking into consideration diversity of contexts in a professional and passionate manner – creating a strong global community.” 

Vinicius Nobre
Director of Education, CNA, Brazil

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