YLTSIG Committee

David Valente

Coordinator of IATEFL YLTSIG

David is a PhD Research Fellow in English Language and Literature Subject Pedagogy at Nord University, Norway, where he teaches on the Master’s degree in Primary Education. He is also Reviews Editor for the Children’s Literature in English Language Education (CLELE) Journal. David’s main interests are interculturality, children’s literature in ELT and primary and secondary English teacher education.

Amanda Davies

YLTSIG Publications Editor (TEYLT Worldwide)

Amanda is a young learners English specialist based in Poland. She writes coursebooks and materials for primary and secondary learners, writes and edits blogs and articles, trains teachers face-to-face and online and works as an international educational consultant advising on young learner foreign language learning programmes. She has worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Joan Kang Shin

YLTSIG Publications Editor (Reviews & Blogs)

Joan works as an Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University in the United States. She has worked in ELT for around 25 years as a teacher, trainer, author, editor, and professor. Joan’s main areas of specialization are teaching English to young learners and online teacher education.

Sinem Daridere

YLTSIG Digital Coordinator

Sinem is an educational consultant and YL ELT teacher trainer based in Turkey. She specialises in training teachers on the Cambridge CELT-Primary and CELT-Secondary courses and regularly presents at ELT conferences on YL ELT topics. Sinem is also a pscyhodramatist and teaches voluntarily for organisations interested in applying pyschodrama to YL ELT.

Helen Chapman

YLTSIG Joint Events Coordinator

Helen works for the British Council MENA as a teacher and teacher trainer. She has also worked in ELT in Spain, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Helen is a YL materials writer for a major publisher, a Cambridge Delta Module 2 local tutor and a Trinity TYLEC tutor. She blogs and tweets about early years and primary ELT.

Letícia Moraes

YLTSIG Joint Events Coordinator

Leticia has been involved in ELT for almost 20 years and is a Senior Consultant with Troika, Brazil. Her main focus is secondary English language learners, writing and editing teaching materials, developing upskilling courses and training English teachers. She has written articles and delivered talks and workshops at conferences and online events on secondary ELT in Brazil and elsewhere.

Maria Jesus Inostroza

YLTSIG Joint Events Coordinator

Maria Jesus works as an English teacher educator at the University of Concepcion, Chile. She is also a member of the Network of Chilean Research in ELT (RICELT). Her main areas of interest are teaching English in primary mainstream education systems and storytelling for enhancing children’s language learning experiences.

Stephanie Xerri Agius

YLTSIG Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie has been teaching English for 15 years in a variety of roles including educator, teacher trainer, examiner and policy maker. She holds a PhD (Lei), an MA (Melit), an MEd (Melit) and a PGCE (Melit) and works at the University of Malta Junior College. Her research areas include feedback on writing and assessment practices, learner engagement and materials writing.

Simon Pounder

YLTSIG Business Development Coordinator

Simon works as Senior Teacher for Secondary Courses at British Council Poland. He is a secondary and primary teacher trainer, materials writer and editor. He specialises in academic quality in the classroom through his work with teachers, parents / caregivers and learners. Simon has been in ELT for over 25 years in the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and the UK.

Rachael Pooley

YLTSIG Joint Events Coordinator

Rachael has been teaching English to young learners for almost 18 years in a range of contexts including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Italy and the United Kingdom. She has an MA in Professional Development for Language Education, a Cambridge Delta with a YL specialism and is a Trinity TYLEC tutor. She is currently Academic Manager for Training and Development at British Council Thailand. 

Laura McWilliams

YLTSIG Community Development Coordinator

Laura is currently based in France where she works as a YL Academic Manager, having previously worked elsewhere in Europe and in the Middle East. She holds a Cambridge Delta with a specialism in YLs and is a Trinity TYLEC tutor. She regularly presents at IATEFL and TESOL conferences and other local teaching association events on YL ELT related topics.

 “During my 3 years as Public Relations Coordinator on the IATEFL YLTSIG Committee, I volunteered alongside a great team of YL ELT specialists. A fabulous way to collaborate and exchange expertise.” 

Bruno Andrade
Director of BrELT, Brazil

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