Teacher Training Programmes

Members of the YLTSIG global community have recommended the following 10 training programmes as having the most impact for them as classroom practitioners.

These programmes include online (synchronous and asynchronous) and face to face formats – ranging from free MOOCs, to short introductory courses to international qualifications with assessed lesson observations.

Early Years ELT Training

English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

Discover how very young children learn English as an additional language and how you can help them progress in this free British Council MOOC.


Certificate in Teaching Very Young Learners

The International House Very Young Learners (IHVYL) blended course aims to prepare teachers for the specific considerations when working with children, aged 3, 4 and 5 years old. 


Getting Started with Early Childhood English Teaching

Whether you are new to teaching early childhood English or are already an early childhood teacher who would like to learn more, this self-paced minicourse will help you learn what is unique about teaching very young children English.



Teaching English in Pre-Primary Education

This asynchronous course is for teachers of English working with children from 3 to 6 years old. In most cases, they will be in pre-primary education. You will reflect on how language-related activities develop the whole child, socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and communication and creative development.


Primary ELT Training

CELT-P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)

This 120-hour blended course is for primary school teachers to develop their classroom skills and teaching confidence. It’s a practical English teaching qualification that gives teachers the relevant skills to get the best from 6–12 year-old learners.


Teaching Young Learners

This course focuses on the principles and practice of Teaching English to Young Learners, including evaluating and creating materials suitable for primary children aged 6 to 12.


Secondary ELT Training

CELT-S (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Secondary)

This 120-hour course is for secondary school teachers to develop their classroom skills and teaching confidence. It’s a practical English teaching qualification that gives teachers the relevant skills to get the best from 11–18 year old learners.


Primary & Secondary ELT Combined Training

Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC)

This specialist certificate is for in-service English language teachers to equip them with the skills and knowledge to teach English to children and teenagers in the age range 7–16.


Online Course in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers

The demand for qualified English teachers of children and teenagers is high and many teachers are required to teach 6 – 17 year olds in their careers, with some choosing to specialise in these age ranges. This fully online course provides key skills to both help teachers excel and get valuable practical ideas.


Training for Teaching YLs Online

Teaching Young Learners Online

This free British Council MOOC aims to help you to plan, create and facilitate inclusive online learning that engages and inspires learners of English aged 5 to 17.


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Continuing Professional Development

As well as formal teacher training programmes, YL ELT professionals can greatly enhance their pedagogical awareness and skills via self-directed development on an ongoing basis.

Click on the photos to discover the YLTSIG Committee’s top 10 recommendations for continuous professional development:

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