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Latest Updates

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Sharing languages: Celebrating children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT

The 2020 YLTSIG PCE aims to enable YL ELT professionals to move from a monolingual to a multilingual mindset and support increasingly multicultural societies to be inclusive of diversity, accepting of difference and celebrate the skills of multilingual children and teenagers.

For more information and to register, please visit here


Opening the ‘YL’ Umbrella: Fostering Age-Appropriate Pedagogies in ELT

3-day event, 25 – 27 October 2019

We are looking for speakers to participate in the IATEFL YLTSIG annual web conference. The 2019 conference aims to move away from ‘YL’ as an umbrella term and showcase fresh pedagogies for different age ranges. If you are interested in presenting, please visit our Events page to find out how to get involved.

Webinars for CPD

Watch two recent YLTSIG showcase webinars and share with your colleagues!

Vinicius Nobre,
Professional Development for the YL Teacher: Current Challenges and Opportunities

Katherine Bilsborough,
Writing Good Quality Primary Materials

Our YouTube channel has many newly uploaded recordings! These outstanding webinars include topics related to Early Years, Primary and Secondary ELT. Subscribe and look out for up coming YLTSIG webinars: https://www.youtube.com/iateflyltsig

Articles for CPD

Join YLTSIG to access archived editions of ‘TEYLT Worldwide’.
Here’s a sneak preview of three outstanding articles from previous editions:


‘Delta Module 2 with Young Learners: a contradiction in terms?’
by David Valente, TEYLT Worldwide Issue 2, 2018



‘Fun and Enjoyment: The same thing, right? Wrong’
by Diana England, TEYLT Worldwide, Issue 1, 2017


‘Intercultural Competence in Secondary ELT – 30 Years of Change’
by Kate Cory-Wright, Special Pearl Anniversary Edition, 2016