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Our twice-yearly publication TEYLT Worldwide is for IATEFL YLTSIG members. Featuring articles on fresh, creative and innovative topics underpinned by theoretical principles with practical relevance to global TEYL.

To support YL ELT professionals during the global pandemic, the YLTSIG Committee decided to make TEYLT Worldwide Issue 1, 2020 freely available:

 “IATEFL YLTSIG empowers English language professionals by connecting theory to their pedagogical practice and by theorising from their best practices.” 

Vera Savic
Assistant Professor, University of Kragujevac, Serbia  

YouTube Channel

The YLTSIG YouTube channel has over 100 videos on a variety of early years, primary and secondary ELT topics, featuring a range of speakers from around the world. Subscribe to our channel for notifications and share the videos with your colleagues.

ELTons Finalists

These ELTons 2020 finalists for Innovation in Teacher Resources provide high quality, innovative, free content, relevant for YL ELT professionals: 

Dyslexia Bytes

Dyslexia Bytes provides tips and techniques and a worldwide support network of teachers, parents and students who have all experienced the ups and downs of teaching and learning with dyslexia across the globe.  



PEPELT is a comprehensive resource for all things picturebook-related in Primary English Language Teaching.  


  • guides practitioners to critically explore, select and use picturebooks which mirror children’s reality, representing all backgrounds and identities  
  • supports and inspires professionals in the field of ELT to move beyond language into citizenship education 
  • broadens minds and encourages critical thinking 

PEPELT Website: https://pepelt21.com/ 

PEPELT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PEPELT21/  

PEPELT21 YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcPHEWqeXGUDVOLnB4JBooA 

ELT Footprint

ELT Footprint is a growing global community which offers a space for people from across the English language teaching world to discuss initiatives, look for support and contribute ideas about how to reduce our environmental footprint across the ELT profession. ELT Footprint is mainstreaming climate change awareness.


The NO Project

The NO Project Teaching Resources are a series of freely downloadable lessons on human trafficking and modern slavery. The material is specifically devised for upper-secondary learners aged 16+, CEFR level B1+ and higher. Based on true narratives, the content is approached with sensitivity, dignity and respect. Hosted at thenoproject.org the lessons are also ideal for online teaching.



“IATEFL YLTSIG is the best way to stay connected with the latest developments in the wide world of teaching YLs.”

David Dodgson
EAL Coordinator, Bedford School, United Kingdom 

Recommended Reads

Members of the YLTSIG global community have recommended these publications as their top ten TEYL references. They include a range of YL ELT methodology books, resource books, academic texts and even a freely downloadable PDF!

Early Years ELT

Primary ELT

Secondary ELT

“IATEFL YLTSIG provides hands-on, relevant and practical resources developed by YL ELT educators for YL ELT educators.”

Heidi Grosch
Teacher Educator, Nord University, Norway  

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