Welcome to our 2023 webconference: we hope you will join us to start the year on a positive note with our welcoming and optimistic theme, Better Together.

IATEFL and YLTSIG have the global mission of linking, developing, and supporting teachers worldwide, and so we were inspired this year to focus on the themes of communication, collaboration and cooperation in various ways. To that end, the conference will have three themes:

Strand 1:
Better Together in the Classroom

Strand 2:
Better Together in the Staffroom

Strand 3:
Better Together with the World

In Strand 1, Better Together in the Classroom, we offer a series of talks focusing on practical classroom ideas to help our learners communicate, collaborate and cooperate.

In Strand 2, Better Together in the Staffroom, the focus shifts to CPD and the talks will revolve around supporting teachers to make professional connections and develop their skills collaboratively.

In Strand 3, Better Together with the World, the talks will look at connecting our Young Learner classrooms with the outside world in a variety of creative and inspiring ways.

To go along with these talks, there will also be a selection of short ‘Inspire’ presentations on interesting and varied topics, some fun social interactive events, and also three fascinating 6-hour minicourses that, as always, are completely free of charge to SIG members. 



Strand 1:
Better Together…

in the Classroom

Annie Altamirano
Differentiated instruction: challenging misconceptions in the Young Learner classroom

Strand 2:
Better Together…

in the Staffroom

Miranda Crowhurst
How to build an online community that saves a kitten


Strand 3:
Better Together…

with the World

Harry Waters

Harry Waters
Cultivating young changemakers


Nayr Correia Ibrahim
Positioning dual language picturebooks in ELT: through the translingual-transcultural lens

Jair Félix
Pursuing Professional Development Collaboratively

eltonix (Claire Steele & Sarah Smith)
Learning to look: Visual literacy to explore global identity with teens

6-hour Mini Courses

Assessment as Learning for Young Learners and Teenagers

Inside Learners’ Minds: Visible Thinking
in the YLT Classroom

Bringing the world into the Early Years & Primary Classroom
Vanessa Reilly


Strand 1: Better Together in the Classroom

Hind Elyas
Effective student engagement techniques in the Young Learner classroom

Chris Roland
Taking the pinch out of points

Manuela Calzini
The power of storytelling in the language classroom

Anju Moses & Dinesha Senaratne
Fun with the 4Cs and Writing! 

Strand 2: Better Together in the Staffroom

Emma Heyderman
Lesson observation in the YL & Teenager classroom: Better together?

Grazzia Mendoza
Mentoring: Build Bridges, Build Collaboration, Build Professional Growth

Cesar A. Correa
A journey into Communities of Practice in the evolving world of CPD

Adrienn Szlapak
Working with classroom assistants: the dos and the don’ts

Strand 3: Better Together with the World

Bhavna Gupta
Unlocking real world issues through stories

George Wilson
Shaping the hidden curriculum: Inclusion, diversity and social justice

Louise Westman
Communicating across cultures

Visalini Logan
Launching into University: Shaping Student Skills and Thrills

Inspire Sessions

Kati Bilsborough

Oliver S. Kimathi




Cherie Morgan
& Fiona Kirkland

Special Sessions

Opening Ceremony
introduced by Carol Read

Friday Night Quiz
‘Better Together Around the World’
hosted by Elena Soboleva

Panel Discussion:
TEFL-i qualifications: fit for purpose in the YL world?

Closing Ceremony

Sunday Morning Quiz
‘Better Singing Together’
hosted by Fergal Kavanagh

Panel Discussion:
Preparing YLs for the world of work: a job for the English teacher?
In conjuction with IATEFL BESIG

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Kati Bilsborough

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