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Welcome to the YLTSIG Blog! Each month we will be featuring a different guest blogger to share their ideas, experiences and reflections on an aspect of YLT from a range of children’s and teenagers’ English language learning contexts around the world.

Teacher Research on Pronunciation in Early Years and Primary ELT

Nicola Meldrum In this blog post, I will explore the benefits of doing teacher research and provide tips on how to go about it effectively in the early years and primary classroom. As course director...


The Value of Play in Early Years ELT

Helen Chapman You may be familiar with the idea that ‘children learn through play’, although in ELT this isn’t as widely acknowledged as it is in many mainstream education contexts. However, I have found that...


IATEFL 2018 YLTSIG PCE Review: Children’s Rights, Children’s Future: Practical Applications in TEYLs

Amanda Davies The 2018 YLTSIG Pre-Conference Event (PCE) focused on the United Nations Rights of the Child and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At first glance, these themes may appear beyond the remit of...


Dealing effectively with challenging parents, care-givers and home contacts

Sarah Findlay For the most part, parents / care-givers and educators share a common goal. We eye-roll at the silliness, smile at the creativity, take joy in the successes and marvel when expectations are exceeded....


Creating high-quality materials for early years and primary learners

Emily Hird I’ll let you into a secret. Many people in the ELT profession think writing materials for early years and primary learners must be a doddle. There are so few words on the page...