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Welcome to the YLTSIG Blog! Each month we will be featuring a different guest blogger to share their ideas, experiences and reflections on an aspect of YLT from a range of children’s and teenagers’ English language learning contexts around the world.

Preventing Plagiarism in Secondary ELT – A Case for Learner Training

Virginia Parker Plagiarism is, unfortunately, a part of just about every secondary English language course, no matter in which country you work, and no matter if your context is a language school, an international school,...


IATEFL YLTSIG Pre-Conference Event: 21st Century Values Education in TEYLs (Glasgow, 3rd April, 2017)

Shay Coyne The theme of the 2017 YLTSIG Pre-Conference Event (PCE) was Values Education, an area increasingly in the spotlight as we become more globally interconnected. The YLTSIG PCE did more than just showcase Values...


Raising Secondary Learners’ EDI Awareness in Closed Contexts – Challenges & Opportunities

Rachael Pooley In this blog post, I share experiences of teaching secondary young learners in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Having taught in various contexts in Asia for 15 years, these two particular learning and teaching...


Choice in the Secondary ELT Classroom – Reflections & Suggestions

Katherine Bilsborough I started thinking about Choice in explicit terms a couple of years ago. Whenever I’m researching aspects of learning or teaching – for a writing project,  a teacher training event, or a blog...


Inclusive Secondary ELT – Promoting The ‘Feel-Good’ Factor

Rachael Harris The term ‘well-being’ has always seemed a tad wishy-washy for a northern British lass like myself so I’m using ‘feel-good’ in this blog post instead. For me it’s more concrete, more to do...